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about us

About Us

From the vision of being the first item to be remembered when robot is said, Balkan Robotik supplies innovative products and applications...

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Balkan Robotik was on Bursa Science Festival on 3rd-5th of May 2013. Especially service robot Hovis Eco...

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Industrial Robots

balkan robotik endüstriyel robot

The use of industrial robots, time, effort and financial gain Balkan Robotics industrial robot on the basis of the solutions we offer to our customers to check out.

Spot Welding

balkan robotics

Especially Le Bronze, Obara, Harms and Wanda, Nawootec spot welding materials, many brands are in our stock.


balkan robotics

Meaning, Railway car purposed welding robot. Railbot is HHI’s brand name for railway car production line.


balkan robotik hortum paketi

Air, water and power cables hoses that connects the tip of robot, the equipment that allows you to travel in a safe manner.

Robot Cabin

balkan robotik robot kabini

A workspace is the application that you can provide to your robot.

Service Robots

balkan robotik dongbu

You got to deal with the idea of living with robots. School, at home, in the office, in a meeting that we may now, is capable of assisting us... In short, be ready to meet them in every area of life.

after sale

After Sale

Our company is a service provided after the sale, it is one of the important factors that have enabled our customers in product selection. Given the quality of the service, continuity, reliability, spare parts, warranty and service are kept at the highest levels of customer satisfaction with our services.



A continuous and healthy to function at specific time intervals of the machines, carried out the necessary checks the restoration of these controls, then the detected fault is of great importance. you can also create maintenance plan by contacting us.

course training


Would you like to meet with our robots? Our training as theoretical and practical is provided and invite you to meet with robots in the best way.

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