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Meaning, Railway car purposed welding robot.

Railbot is HHI’s brand name for railway car production line.

hhi railbot

RailBot Series

hyundai railbot hx400s robot
hyundai hrgantry robot
hyundai hsab 500 robot
hyundai hx400 robot

Type-1: HX400S

  HX400s is shelf-mount robot with 400kg payload.

    The robot is 8 axes degree of freedom and has wide working range. HX400s carry out various types of working with gun changing. You can find usage sample in following galery..

hyundai railbot hx400s robot
hrgantry robot

Operator can access to robot easily for maintenance.

Safety bar can move up/downward direction.

railbot model 1 çalışma esansında
for working(down)

railbot bekleme esnasında
for maintenance (up)

There are different kind of spot welding guns.

büyük c gun
Large C-gun : 1.6m
küçük c gun 1
Small C-gun : type1
küçük c gun 2
Small C-gun : type2
küçük c gun 3
Small C-gun : type3


6-axis gantry robot. Both two welding guns are simultaneously spot welded.

gun model 2
HRGANTRY gun 6 eksen

railbot içten kablo

All of utilities(air,oil,power,signal) go through internal of body.

The protrusion of tip dresser is free because of telecoscopic mechanism.

railbot teleskobik atd1
railbot teleskobik atd2

Type-3: HX400

6 axis under frame welding robot. Upgradeble to 7 axis.

railbot hx400

Type-4: HSAB-500

railbot hsab-500
Manual spot welding machine with air balancer: payload 500kg
rail bot hsab-500 takım değiştirici
Safety tool changer: It is impossible to separate the gun from air balancer in the air except gun stand. Welding gun can’t be dropped in the air.
railbot hsab-500 touch panel
Easy control can regulate air pressure on touch screen.

All manual guns have tilting unit.

railbot hsab-500 manuel buyuk c gun
Large C-gun : 1.6m
railbot hsab-500 manuel küçük c gun
Small C-gun : 0.6m
railbot hsab-500 manuel g gun
railbot hsab-500 manuel x gun